Phishing tools by dark men

 *Top 50 Hacking Tools* with their #Category By dark men

Phishing Tools
1. SocialFish
2. ShellPhish
3. BlackEye
4. Weeman

Information Gathering
5. Red Hawk
6. D-Tect
7. Lazy-Script
8. Pureblood Framework
9. ReconDog
10. Crips (Ip Tool)
11. EvilUrl IDN homograph
12. Lazymux
13. Tool – X
14. Angry Fuzzer
15. TheChoice
16. UserRecon
17. IPGeolocation-Trace Ip
18. Infoga-Collect Email-Info

Vulnerability Analysis
19. OWScan
20. CMS Map Vul-Scanner
21. Click-jacking Scanner
22. TM-Scanner
23. Androbug Framework
24. SQLI Scanner
25. Commix
26. WPSeku Tool
27. RouterSploit Framework
28. Nikto web server – Scanner
29. Creadmap-check login Emails

30. CMSeek Suit
31. Zarp-local Network Tool
32. TM-Venom
33. Metasploit Framework
34. A-Rat Exploit
35. Hulk (DDoS Tool)
36. Golden Eye (DDoS Tool)
37. Brutal

Not Categorized
38. DarkFly-Tool
39. Apache2 – HTTP Server
40. Hash Cracker
41. Wordlist Generator
42. BruteSpray
43. KaliNetHunter
44. ChoiceBot
45. DarkSploit
46. Cyber Scan
47. Optiva Framework
48. Hakku Framework
49. Santet-Online
50. LazyFiglet



How to be a professional carder



⚠️⚠️Requirements ⚠️⚠️

To become pro carder, here is what you must need:
1. CClearner – to clean your cache
2. Socks 5 IP Address
3. VPN / RDP
4. A list of working emails – Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook (created your own)
5. Virtual Machine – Virtual Box or VMWare Workstation
6. CVV or Accounts
7. User Agent/ Finger Print Spoofing Tools –
FraudFox / AntiDetect Browsers
For anything you wan to card or purchase, the procedure is always same:
1. Have your CVV and Account Detail ready, check the location (City and Country)
2. Run VPN – Select the same country and closest city possible
3. Run Virtual Machine ( Virtual Box ) with Window Installed
4. Run Sock5 through Proxy Manager and locate the location of the victim or the nearest city possible
5. Double check your IP is not blacklisted (BL Check)
6. User Agent/ Finger Print Spoofing Tools ( FraudFox / AntiDetect )
7. Configure the User Agent/ Finger print Spoofing tools
8. Change your system time that match your victim time zone
9. Use CClearner to clean all existing cache
10. Clear the DNS cache by go to Run>type “CMD”>enter the command “ipconfig/flushdns”
11. Launch the Internet Browser (FireFox)
12. Check your identity at Whoer or Check2IP to make sure all your information are correct.
13. Start your carding
14. In the middle, you might need email address for user information, use the common email such as GMail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook mail and fill in carder’s information
15. And you are done!
The steps above are applying to anything you want to card

What is Carding?
-Carding is a process of using someone else’s card illegally or simply we can call it credit card fraud which hackers call this process carding  and we call the peoples carder
A Pro Carder must know that he must use Proxy, Vpn or RDP and User Agent
Unfortunately we cannot card Amazon by RDP because they log our ip and checkes it with 3389 port but weak sites can be easily carded like
For  carding  to rely more on success percentage we should use bill=ship which means Billing Address should be same to shipping Address
Most sites donot ship to third word countries but donot worry u can easily make it ship to your country using drops


As a beginner summoned total concentration to this.
So it don’t seem you’re floating in the Carding world.

CC = means – Credit Card.
  CC FULLZ = means – CC details with all major Information about 
the cc holder Which aside the ordinary cvv details “Fullz” includes D.O.B, 
SSN, MMN & Security Q & A.
– VBV = means – Verified By Visa or NON – VBV

BTC = means BITCOIN.

MCSC = means – MasterCard Secured Code.

DROP = means – The Address where You want Your Carded items to  be shipped to.

CITY + STATE = means – Your IP’s location which is Country or  State and City must match the Billing City and State on the CC.

BILL=SHIP = means – The CC Billing Address should be the ‘Exact  Same’ as the Shipping Address 100%.

ZIPCC/CCZIPCODE = Means – Similar meaning as the case of “City +  State”.

CCSTATE/STATECC = Means – The CC Country and State should be 
‘Exact Same’ as The Drop Address.

RE-ROUTE = Means – Calling or Chatting Customer service to  Change Bill=Ship to Ship to Drop Address But mostly maintaining CC name and Phone number by just giving out the drop Address as the Correct address to receive the Shipment.